Study, design and development of an innovative kit for early and non-invasive diagnosis of celiac disease by genetic markers.


Horizon 2020– PON 2014/2020


Coeliac disease (CD) is a chronic inflammation of the small intestine, triggered in genetically predisposed individuals, by dietary gluten. The aim of the project is the development of a smart kit for early and non-invasive diagnosis of celiac disease using genetic markers. The panel of microRNAs associated with celiac disease represents a promising clinical tool providing a non-invasive biomarker with high diagnostic and prognostic value, particularly in pediatric age. Starting from some validated markers and other miRNAs further identified during the project, we will realize “smart” probes for a non-invasive, innovative kit for early diagnosis of celiac disease. The genetic markers selected from literature, are microRNAs (miR-449a, miR-492, miR-21, miR-486) overexpressed in CD; which can be easily recognized and detected by fluorescent probes to obtain specific and repeatable results. Two types of probes will be developed: Light up probe and molecular beacons based on PNA (nucleic acid peptide). The PNA probes will be able to recognize in serum miRNAs overexpressed in celiac disease and report by fluorescence. The validity of the probes will be tested in vitro and in serum and the preliminary results obtained will be used for the development of the smart kit, whose response will be realized by fluorescence, or reflectometry or electrochemistry. The implementation of the smart kit, is expected to bring a positive relapse in terms of the number of early diagnosis, fewer misdiagnosis, and cost savings.


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