The crystallization facility is organized at two different sites: The high-throughput screenining core facility is shared with the Structural Biology Laboratory at ELETTRA-Sincrotrone Trieste. Two instruments are used for nanoliters liquid handling for drop dispensing: Mosquito and eDrop. The robotic systems allow for the exploration of a very high number of different crystallization conditions with a very low consumption of the protein sample (tipically 100 nL for single condition). Many different crystallization kits are available at the facility (Molecular Dimensions, Hampton Research, Jena Biosciences), some specific kits are available and also used for the crystallization of ͞small molecules͟. Crystal growth optimization is carried out at the CNR- Structural Biology Biolab. Larger volumes of samples are normally used (0.5 μL onwards). Two different rooms at controlled temperature (4° C e 18° C) are available for the storage of the crystallization plates. Ligands or Heavy Atoms soaking are normally carried out in this context. A selection of different heavy atoms derivatives is available (Hampton Research).


Crystallization robot ThermoFisher eDrop

Leica microscope Leica MZ-12

Controlled temperature room KW (16-20° C)

Cold Room KW (4-6° C)

Controlled temperature refrigerator Angelantoni MCT-120 (4°C)

Additional facilities available at the structural biology laboratory at Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste (

Crystallization Robot  TTP Lab-Tech Mosquito

Crystallization plates storage and visualization system Explora Nova Xtal Focus (a 4° C e 18° C)

Olympus microscope (camera equipped) )



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