Development of a sensitive and versatile electrochemical platform for advanced biosensor applications to the environmental and agri-food sectors. FACILE.


Public Call “Progetti di gruppi di ricerca – Conoscenza e cooperazione per un nuovo modello di sviluppo”, Lazio Region to be worth on L.R. 13/08 – art. 4.


FACILE proposes the development of a versatile and sensitive biosensor platform, applicable to the regional agri-food chain as a whole, from agricultural production and processing, to related industrial sectors (packaging and logistics), distribution and consumption, as well as environmental monitoring (air, water) and purification processes.
The realization of the biosensor platform includes several phases, starting from the integration of different electrochemical transduction techniques (amperometry, conductivity and impedance) in a single instrument to expand the range of exploitable bio-sensing elements, proceeding with the development of specific firmware, software and user friendly remote system interface, and (ending with) the testing and functional evaluation of the instrument through the exploitation of biological model systems and ad hoc nano-structured materials, to demonstrate the instrument’s versatility in the detection of contaminants with a highly toxic potential, e.g. organophosphorus pesticides, triazine and ureic herbicides, ochratoxin A, atmospheric and ionic mercury.
The instrument will be portable and multifunctional, able to perform an in situ screening of agri-food and/or environmental samples.
The RESEARCH GROUP working on the project is composed by the doctors: Roberto Pilloton, Katia Buonasera, Andrea Margonelli, Maya Dimova Lambreva, Giuseppina Rea, and 2 professional figures to be recruited, having experience in biology, chemistry, electrochemistry, bio-nanotechnology and engineering.



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