Gaetano Campi Personal Page

Gaetano Campi

Tel: +39 06 9067 2624/2610
Fax: +39 06 90672630
Address: Institute of Crystallography, CNR, Via Salaria Km 29.300, Monterotondo Roma, I-00015, Italy

Present position : Researcher


Short CV :

2001: Laurea degree in Physics at “La Sapienza” University of Rome; thesis on “Thermodynamic and X-ray diffraction study on polaron ordering in cuprates superconductors”
2002-2003: Visiting researcher at the Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, USA; research project on “Local structure by total neutron/X-ray scattering and Pair Distribution Function (PDF) analysis”
2005: Ph. D. degree in Material Science at the Department of Physics, University of Rome “La Sapienza”; thesis on “Study of inhomogeneous and self-organized phases in cuprates and diborides”
2005-2007: Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute of Crystallography, Council of National Research, Monterotondo Rome; research project on “Development of experimental apparatus for x-ray micro-diffraction applications”
2008: Researcher, permanent position at the Institute of Crystallography of the Council of National Research (CNR)


Research Activity :

The research work is carried out in mainly in the material science field using X-ray and neutron scattering techniques. In particular, his research interests are currently focused on:

a) study of complex structures emerging in dynamical systems undergoing phase separation, using synchrotron space and time resolved X ray scattering techniques [1-3]. In these conditions, he is also exploiting the possibility of control and manipulation of these complex structures, using different stimuli such as irradiation, temperature and chemical potential changes [3];
b) nucleation, growth and characterization of nanostructures by in situ Small/Wide Angle X-ray Scattering [1];
c) structure determination of inorganic/organic small molecules by single crystal X-ray diffraction [4];
d) local structure and lattice dynamic by high resolution X-ray/neutron diffraction and X-ray absorption EXAFS and XANES spectroscopies [5];
He takes part in the work of instrumental development, control and automation with data acquisition and signal conditioning for i) Large Scale Facilities with X ray Synchrotron and FEL (Free Electron Laser) sources, ii) bench and iii) portable instrumentation [].


Selected publications :

[1] G. Campi, A. Mari, H. Amenitsch, A. Pifferi, C. Cannas and L. Suber, Monitoring early stages of silver particle formation in a polymer solution by in situ and time resolved Small Angle X ray Scattering, Nanoscale, 2, 2447-2455 (2010)

[2] M. Fratini, N. Poccia, A. Ricci, G. Campi, M. Burghammer, G. Aeppli & A. Bianconi, Scale-free structural organization favoring high temperature superconductivity, Nature, 466, 841 (2010)

[3] N. Poccia, M. Fratini, A. Ricci, G. Campi, L. Barba, A. Vittorini-Orgeas, G. Bianconi, G. Aeppli, A. Bianconi, Evolution and Control of Phase Separation in Complex Cuprate Superconductors, Nature Materials, submitted (2010)

[4] C. Gaeta, F. Troisi, R. Spagna, M. Camalli, G. Campi and P. Neri, Solid-State Assembly of Calixcyclitol Derivatives, CrystEngComm, DOI: 10.1039/C0CE00099J, in press (2010)

[5] G. Campi, E. Capelluti, Th. Proffen, X. Qiu, E.S. Bozin, S.J.L. Billinge, S. Agrestini, N.L. Saini, and A. Bianconi, Study of temperature dependent atomic correlations in MgB2, Eur. Phys. J. B, 52, 15 (2006); N.L. Saini, H. Oyanagi, T. Ito, V. Scagnoli, M. Filippi, S. Agrestini, G. Campi, K. Oka, and A. Bianconi, Temperature dependent local Cu-O displacements from underdoped to overdoped La-Sr-Cu-O superconductor, Eur. Phys. J. B 36, 75 (2003)