The cellular biology laboratory allows investigations towards the understanding of the biology, biochemistry and signal trasduction at a cellular level. Both primary and secondary cells cultures are used. The behaviour of single cells as well as cell populations is explored by the use of numerous technical approaches. These include: immunocitological tecniques analyzed by the means of intra/extracellular flow citometry and epifluorescence microscopy; biochemical immunoassay for the detection of signalling events; viability assay; detection of cellular dynamics and and traffiking by live cells imaging at single cells level, detection of apoptotic marks, oxidative stress often in conjunction with the use of viability dyes either by flow cytometry or epifluorescence microscopy


Ultracompact Multilaser Benchtop Flow Cytometry System (CyFlow® ML) for all applications in cell analysis and absolute counting. Applications includes: Immunophenotyping, Transfection efficiency, Apoptosis measurement, Cell cycle analysis-, Fluorescent intensity, ,Cell proliferation analysis, Membrane potential measurements, Live/dead bacteria discrimination

Leica DMI6000 B inverted microscope for biomedical research offers Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) for relief imaging of specimens with varying indices of refraction. The intuitive, automated Leica DMI6000 B is ideal for fluorescence, live cell, time-lapse imaging, high-speed multi-fluorescence optical sectioning, and micromanipulation. The system features an automated contrast and illumination manager, motorized Z focus, parfocality function, automatic brightness and diaphragm adjustment, and many other automated functions that provide convenience and reproducible results.

N.1 Laminar Flow Hood

N.1 CO2 incubator for cells



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