The Laboratory of Biotechnology is a multipurpose space fully equipped for:
– extraction and manipulation of nucleic acids from a wide range of plant, animal and microbe samples;
– expression, extraction, purification and characterization of recombinant proteins;
– extraction of photosynthetic active macromolecular assemblies;
– extraction of secondary metabolites with nutraceutical properties;
– determination of antioxidant capacity in plant extracts;
– ad hoc functionalization of nanomaterials.


UV/Vis Spectrophotometer P.E. Lambda Bio/40; Static Incubator Hereaus; Refrigerated centrifuge ALC PK 121R; Thermostatic bath with shaking GFL 1083; pH meter Crison GLP 21; Heating Magnetic stirrers IKA; Sonics Vibracell Sonicator; Automatic vertical autoclave PBI; fully equipped electrophoresis systems for proteins and nucleic acids; Ultra Freezer KW Polar 530V; Spectrofluorometer Jasco FP-8200 (+Haake SC-100 thermostat); Falc Thermoblock; Microcentrifuges (ALC 4214; BioFuge Pico Hereaus); Minishaker IKS MS1; Peristaltic pump Minipulse 3 Gilson; Microwaves Daewoo; technical balance Sartorius; Chemical hoods Kottermann 180 (x2). Also available: French Press Aminco – SLM; Lyophilizator Edwards (Macro cabinet); Refrigerators (4°C; -20°C); Analytical balance (Mettler AT261 DeltaRange).


Name and Surname: GIUSEPPINA REA
Unit: IC-CNR, Via Salaria Km 29,300, 00015 Monterotondo (RM)
Tel: +39 0690672631


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