The Protein Expression laboratory contains all the facilities needed for the production of heterologous proteins from E. Coli or other appropriately engineered bacteria through the common molecular biology techniques. The growth of bacteria in agar-agar plates or in suspension is carried out at controlled temperature and under suitable stirring conditions (MaxQ 6000, Thermo Scientific). The isolation of the bacteria from the relative cultures, as well as the removal of the cellular debris after the bacteria lysis, is carried out using refrigerated centrifuges for large (SL-40R, Thermo Scientific) and small (MicroCL-21R, Thermo Scientific) volumes. The over-expressed proteins can be purified by several kind of chromatographic separations (SEC and ion-exchange columns with different loading and resolution capacities) by means of an automated FPLC purification system (Biologic Duo Flow, BioRad), suitably refrigerated to 4 °C. Electrophoretic analysis on polyacrylamide gels (Native- and SDS-PAGE), Western Blot and ELISA assays complete the characterization of over-expressed proteins as well as the analysis of endogenous proteins from eukaryotic cells grown in the adjacent Cell Biology laboratory. The presence of chemical (BelAir56, Momoline) and biological (Maxisafe 2020, Thermo Scientific) hoods ensures that the use of chemical reagents and biological samples is carried out in compliance with the current safety standards.


N. 1 Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography (FPLC)
N. 1 Chemical Fume Hood
N. 1 Laminar Flow Hood
N.1 CO2 incubator for bacteria


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