The spectrometry laboratory is dedicated both to the characterization of molecules obtained by synthesis processes and to the analysis of biological samples. The high sensitivity of the mass spectrometers available in our laboratory, namely the MALDI-TOF SCIEX 5800 and the Thermo Fischer Q-Exactive Orbitrap, allows the analysis of a very small quantity of samples. The possibility of using two different ionization sources such as MALDI (Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization) and ESI (ElectroSpray ionization), offers a complementary approach to investigations. The large mass detection range is the main force of TOF instruments. Both spectrometers are capable of fragmentation of small molecules. This characteristic (MS / MS) has become an essential property for the structural analysis of peptides and proteins. A nano HPLC for the separation of complex mixtures is interfaced with the ESI source of the Orbrap.


N. 1 MALDI-TOF SCIEX 5800 spectrometer
N. 1 Thermo Fischer Q-Exactive Orbitrap Spectrometer
N. 1 Nano HPLC interfaced to the ESI source of Q-Exactive Orbitrap
N.1 Chemical hood with flammable cabinet


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