The laboratory mainly deals with non-destructive analysis of inorganic materials of interest for Cultural Heritage. The analyzes are mainly based on the use of X-rays, such as X-ray, X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and X-ray diffraction (PXRD).
The laboratory is also equipped for multispectral UV, VIS or NIR imaging.
Another activity is the development and implementation of instrumentation for diagnostics in the laboratory and in situ.


Instrumentation for XRF:
– EIS S.r.l. X Ray generator , HVmax = 38 kV and Pmax = 13 W and X-ray tube with tungsten anode (W)
– SSD (Silicon Drift Detector) detector cooled with Peltier cells and MCA (Multi Channel Analyzer) analyzer with Amptek 1024 channels. Resolution 145 eV at 5.9 keV (Mn Kα).
– optical microscope with laser-based sighting system and digital microscope with semiautomatic mechanical XYZ positioning system.

Instrumentation for XRD:
– Diffractometer of Marresearch (model Mar300) with single rotary axis and Imaging Plate detector of 300 mm diameter, equipped with an X Spellman XLG generator (60W and HVmax 45KV) and tube with molybdenum anode (Mo) and focusing optics.
– Diffractometer with four circles in Euler geometry, CS-Huber model.

Instrumentation for X-ray:
– Radiographic bench equipped with an experimental high frequency generator (20kHz) of 300W and HVmax 100kV, made with modules of the Italian company PSM S.r.l. (Bergamo), now IMD Generators. X-ray tube with tungsten anode (W) and 0.5 mm focus .
– X generator with linear power supply 700W (9sec.) And HVmax = 75kV. X-ray tube with tungsten anode (W) and 0.5mm focus.
Two-dimensional detectors:
– CCD (Charge Coupled Device) of Princeton Instruments, inc. (1024 X 1024 pixels) optically coupled to a FOS (Fiber Optics with X ray Scintillator) of 10 X 10 cm2 of Hamamatsu with a 35 mm Nikkor lens and f = 1.4.
– CCD Camera of the DTA (Pisa) (2048 X 2048 pixels) coupled directly to the FOS of 6 X 6 cm2 of Hamamatsu.
– KodaK CR 7400 digital radiography system with 18x24cm2 IP sheets.

Instrumentation for Multispectral Imaging:
– Starlight CCD camera (model Trius Sx694) (2750 X 2200 pixels) with professional lens of the Voigtlander Nokton 17.5 mm and f = 0.95.
– Revolver with 6 optical filters of OD> 4.
– LED monochromatic UV sources.
– Mightex UV / VIS / NIR spectrophotometer (200 – 1050 nm), subnanometric resolution
– Ocean Optics HL-2000 source (tungsten-halogen lamp)

Instrumentation for shiny sections
– ISOMET 11-1180 lowspeed saw cutting machine from BUEHLER for precision cuts of different types of material (Hard Stones, Ceramics, Metals …).
– Lapidello (Lapidatrice)


Name and Surname: AUGUSTO PIFFERI

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