Maria Teresa Giardi Personal Page

Short CV : 

1976 : Degree with Laudem in Industrial Chemistry, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
1976 : Centre of Mechanisms of Organic Reactions, CNR contract
1976-1977 : Teacher at state schools in Agronomy and Industry
1977-1982 : CNR research training fellowship on plant biochemistry at Institute of Physiology, CNR, Rome
1982 : Permanent position as a researcher, Institute of Biochemistry and Plant Physiology-CNR, Rome, Italy
1998 : Permanent position as primary researcher at Institute of Biochemistry and Plant Physiology-CNR, Rome, Italy
1998 on going : Permanent position as Manager of Research at Institute of Crystallography, CNR, Area of Research of Rome, Italy


Research Activity :

1992-1996: Responsible for Research Unit of Raisa-CNR target project on Plant Stress
1995-1997 : Coordinator of a Nato-Linkage Grant on “biosensors” 
1997-1998: Coordinator of a Nato Computer Network between partner countries
1995-1996 : Responsible of EC project on “Signal transduction by protein phosphorylation”
1996-1998 : Co-responsible of EC project on “Mechanisms of photosynthetic electron transfer”
1997-2002: Responsible of a CNR target project on Biotechnology
1997: Responsible of a CNR technological transfer to industry
1999-2002: Responsible of a project for biosensors in monitoring extreme conditions, ASI
1999-2000: Responsible of a project for Italian Space Agency to study space stress on photosynthesis
2001-2004: Coordinator of EU project in life V frame on biosensors for environmental monitoring
2000-2008: Coordinator of European space agency (ESA) project for photosynthetic biodevices specific for Biopan/Foton ESA Space flight (2002, 2005, 2007).
2006-2009: Coordinator of EU project, STREP in collaboration with 6 EU countries, Nutra-Snacks for production of Nutraceuticas
2006-2009: Coordinator of Italian Space Agency project on Biotechnology for Anti-aging 
2009: Partner in the Industrial project on Biosensors supported by Region (Bioal)
2009: Partner in three European Projects on industrial biosensors BEEP-C-EN, SENSBIOSYN and MULTIBIOPLAT 
2007: Member of the network activities of European space scientists in the ESA project Ssioux
2009: Partner in the European Space Agency Project MARS 500 in collaboration with Russia


Selected publications :


M.T. Giardi, D. Esposito, C. Leonardi, A. Mattoo, A. Margonelli, G. Angelini. Biosensor and method for the monitoring of pollutants (EU patent 2006, 01830148.1-2204) 
MT Giardi, G Pezzotti. Multitrasduttore per la misura di fluorescenza ed amperometrica applicabile in sensoristica di sistemi biologici ed in biosensoristica: multiflamp. Registrato 30 Luglio 2006
G Rea, MT Giardi, G Pezzotti Multidispositivo portatile di tipo ottico per la misura della fluorescenza di marcatori di DNA. Registrato il 20 Dicembre 2006
G. Angelini, P. Ragni, D. Esposito, E. Pace, L. Pompili, M.T. Giardi (2000). Un biodosimetro per rivelare le radiazioni gamma (Brevetto, depositato 2000)

Editor, Invited Book Chapter :

M T Giardi. Photosynthetic proteins created by computational and biotechnological approaches in biosensing applications. In “Recognition receptors in biosensors”. Editor M Zourob, Publisher Springer Science (Invited Review for University Book of Montreal, in press)
MT Giardi, G Rea and Bruno Berra (Editors). Metabolites from Photosynthetic Organisms: Rationale for Production and Safety and Control technique. Landes Bioscience, Springer Publishers, Church St. Georgetown USA (in press)
M.T. Giardi and E. Piletska (Editors). Biotechnological Application of Photosynthetic Proteins: Biochips, Biosensors and Biodevices. (2006), Landes Bioscience, Springer Publishers, Church St. Georgetown USA. ISBN 1-58706-249-6. (Vendute circa 250 copie)

Publications :

M Damasso, T Dachev, G Falzetta, MT Giardi, G Rea and A Zanini The radiation environment observed by Liulin-Photo and R3D-B3 spectrum-dosimeters inside and outside Foton-M3 spacecraft. RADIATION MEASUREMENTS. ARTICLE IN PRESS
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