Salt crystal of Oak Powder in CuCl2 solution (Additive solution 168,00 ml ; CuCl2 173,3 ml 0,14 M ; 58, 58,67ml H2O)

X-ray diffraction measurements with synchrotron light from samples of interest for materials science, in order to characterize their crystallinity, type of disorder, preferential orientation, crystallite dimensions, multifasicity and phase transitions as a function of physical parameters such as temperature , pressure or X-ray exposure. Main research lines: elucidation of structure-function relationships in a) food matrices as vectors for pharmacologically active substances, b) organic semiconductors of interest for electronics and photonics, c) high temperature superconductors. Study of self-organized crystallization models obtained from xylematic tissue extracts diluted in saline solutions; digital analysis of the fractal texture allows the analysis of quality and differentiation between botanical species (digital finger printing). The experimental station see us committed, as well as in users’ assistance, to pursue the following objectives: a) Reduction of unwanted diffusion of photons by the components of the beamline, especially those included in the parts in air and in low vacuum, to obtain a better signal-to-noise ratio; b) Automation of the experimental set-up and definition of the relevant measurement protocols; c) Design and implementation of new experimental settings based on the requests of the user community.



Contact Person: LUISA BARBA

S.S. 14 Km 163, 5 Basovizza – Trieste

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Experimental station of the XRD1 beamline at Elettra

Sample-mounting and small mechanical and electrical works area at the crystallization laboratory of the IC-Trieste



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