Phase transitions and structural proprieties of polymorphic substances



Phase transitions and structural proprieties of polymorphic substances


G. Arrighetti
L. Barba


(PM.P06.015) Crystallographic methodologies: developments and e applications
PM.P06.015.003: Development of radiation sources and instrumentations for new generation diffractometry and spectroscopy for structural and functional studies of new materials.


nanostructures; X-ray diffraction; self-assembly structures; DSC; XRDT

Università di Udine - dipartimento di Scienze dell'Alimentazione

Phase behaviour of lipids and in general of polymorphic substances capable of crystallize in different forms depending on crystallization conditions (temperature, velocity of variation of temperature, pressure , concentration etc) has been studied for a long time, especially in view of a better understanding of the biological function of cellular membranes. New fields of application of this kind of studies are now the organolectic stability of lipids included in food formulas as an important factor of their shelf life, stability of biofuels at low temperatures, consistence of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products and the behaviour of substances generically indicated as liquid crystals. Collaboration with researchers of the University of Udine allowed exploring the possibility to match calorimetric measurements along with time-resolved X-ray diffraction experiments (XRDT) in order to profit from the high intensity and collimation of synchrotron to observe phase formation and transitions with a very good sampling in time. Once elucidated the mechanism of formation of substances in gel, sol or liquid crystal phase, this knowledge can be exploited to promote the formation of the preferred phases, or to understand how to better use them as vectors for pharmacologically active substances.

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