Instrumental development, automation and control for X ray measurements



Instrumental development, automation and control for X ray measurements


G. Arrighetti, L. Barba, G. Campi, M. Catricalà, A. Margonelli, A. Ranieri, A. Pifferi.


Instrument Development; Automation and Control; X-Ray diffraction


Sincrotrone Trieste (; University of Rome "La Sapienza" (http://; ENEA (


DESCRIPTION: The research work consists of the design and manufacture of scientific instrumentation for diffraction applications on the following different scales:1) Large Scale Facilities with X ray Synchrotron and FEL (Free Electron Laser) sources, 2) bench and 3) portable instrumentation.
1) Synchrotron and FEL Large Scale Facilities: modernization of the old XRD beamline [1] at Elettra Synchrotron Storage ring and its maintenance by mechanical and electronic design of a new multipurpose diffractometer equipped with a kappa goniometer, a XYZ sample stage and a rotating area detector [2]; this new setup, replacing the old single-axis goniometer, will allow to exploit larger ranges in the reciprocal spaces performing conventional X-ray diffraction studies in several geometries as well as grazing-incidence X-ray reflectivity experiments. The group is also involved in the SPARX (Sorgente Pulsata Autoamplificata di Radiazione X) project [3] for the construction of a coherent X ray source emitting radiation with wavelength up to few Angstrom and femtosecond duration pulses. This will allow to push research and structural investigation methods on non-periodic objects, both organic and inorganic, with the possibility to study the dynamics up to Thz region. There is therefore a need to develop new instrumentation on the new FEL facility for developing and implementing new imaging and spectroscopic techniques. In this project we'll design and construct an experimental chamber mainly suited for micro-diffraction measurements.
2) Redevelopment of bench X ray diffraction instrumentation: upgrading of X-ray Laboratories at the operating research unit in Monterotondo-Roma by i) repackaging the mechatronics using National Instrument motion controllers and Labview programming for automation, ii) replacement the old X ray sources by new low power x ray tubes equipped with focusing and collimating optics (polycapillaries, waveguides).
3) Portable instrumentation: design and implementation of integrated and compact systems able to run simultaneously i) atomic fluorescence, ii) X-ray absorption and diffraction measurements iii) spectrophotometry. A first prototype for simultaneous X ray diffraction and X ray Fluorescence measurements was already projected and assembled in the institute [4]. New systems will be equipped with optical devices for focusing the incident radiation (polycapillars, waveguides), allowing to monitor and study the structural properties with high spatial resolution. The work involves also the development of software for the instrumental automation and control.

Instrumental development, automation and control for X ray measurements. - Img

(Up) XRD1 beamline at the ELETTRA synchrotron facility, Trieste; (Down) optical bench - k diffractometer system assembled at the Monterotondo - Roma operating unit.


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