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Giuseppina Rea

Giuseppina Rea

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Present position :

- Researcher


Short CV :

Giuseppina Rea, PhD in Biology, has experience in plant molecular biology, biochemistry, biotechnology and protein engineering applied to fundamental research and technological transfer. Actually, she is leading the CNR institutional project AG.P01.011. Biotechnological applications of oxygenic photosynthetic organisms in the agro-food field: nutraceutics, biosensors and space biochips, and is scientific responsible of two european and one italian founded programmes: 1) SENSBIOSYN (2009-2011): Biosensors and Sensors for the industrial biosynthesis process of widely used commercial antioxidants: nutraceuticals as additives for food and aquaculture promoting public health and safety. FP7-SME-2008-1.ID:232522; 2) MULTIBIOPLAT (2008-2010): A new Biotechnology Platform for Multipurpose Biosensors. European project:EUROTRANS-BIO, ETB-2007-34. 3) BIOKIS-PHOTOEVOLUTION(2010-2011): Human Space Flight DC-VUS-2009-004. ASI-NASA. She is Member of the Scientific Committee of the Italian Platform in Organic Farming, PTBio Italia and advisor of PhD students in Plant Biotechnology working in exobiology, nutraceutic and biosensors fields.


Research Activity :

Research activities are mainly focused on the molecular mechanisms and signal networks involved in the light events of photosynthesis and the structure/function relationships of the pigment-protein complexes involved in these processes. These studies are mainly performed on the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and the purple bacterium Rhodobacter sphaeroides to produce strains with improved photosynthetic performance and exploit them as biological farms in nutraceutical applications, life regenerative supporting system in space research and bio-sensing elements in development of biosensors for food quality assessment and environmental monitoring. The activity covers a wide variety of methodologies: i)computational-aided bioengineering of photosynthetic proteins; ii) site-directed and random mutagenesis targeted to the D1 reaction center protein; iii)chloroplast transformation; iv)isolation and expression profile of genes involved in different metabolic processes; v) metabolite profiling of photosynthesis functional metabolites; vi)designing of miniaturised optical biosensors for multiparametric fluorescence measurements of different photosynthesis-based biomediators.


Selected publications :

1. Rea G., Antonacci A., Lambreva M., Pastorelli S., Tibuzzi A., ... and Giardi M.T. (2011) Integrated plant biotechnologies applied to safer and healthier food production: the Nutra-Snack manufacturing chain. Trends in Food Science & Technology. doi: 10.1016/j.tifs.2011.04.005.
2. G. Rea, M. Lambreva, F. Polticelli, I. Bertalan, A. Antonacci, S. Pastorelli, M. Damasso, U. Johanningmeier, M.T. Giardi (2011). Directed evolution and in silico analysis of reaction centre proteins reveal molecular signatures of photosynthesis adaptation to radiation pressure. PLoS ONE 6(1): e16216.
3. J. Cano, D. Giannini, G. Pezzotti, G. Rea, M.T. Giardi (2011) Space impact and technological transfer of a biosensor facility to Earth application. Recent Patents on Space Technology. Vol.1, Issue no. 1
4. T. Lavecchia, G. Rea, A. Antonacci, and M.T. Giardi. Healthy and Adverse Effects of Plant-Derived Functional Metabolites- the Need of Revealing Their Content and Bioactivity in a Complex Food Matrix. Critical Review in Food Science and Nutrition. Accepted paper.
5. G. Rea, F. Polticelli, A. Antonacci, V. Scognamiglio, P. Katiyar, SA Kulkarni, U. Johanningmeier, Giardi MT (2009). Structure-based design of novel Chlamydomonasreinhardtii D1-D2 photosynthetic proteins for herbicide monitoring. Protein Sci 18 (10): 2139-51.
6. G. Rea, A. Serafini, A. Margonelli, C. Faraloni, A. Zanini, I. Bertalan, U. Johanningmeier, M.T. Giardi (2008). Ionizing radiation impacts photochemical quantum yield and oxygen evolution activity of photosystem II in photosynthetic microorganisms. International Journal Radiation Biology, 84 (11):867-77.
7. G. Rea, M. Volpicella, F. De Leo, L. Zolla, R. Gallerani, L. R Ceci (2007). Characterization of three members of the multigene family coding for isoforms of the chlorophyll-a/b-binding protein Lhcb1 in spinach. Physiologia plantarum130 (1), 167-176.
8. A. Cona, G. Rea, R. Angelini, R. Federico, P. Tavladoraki (2006). Functions of amine oxidases in plant development and defence. Trends Plant Sci. 11 (2), 80-88.




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