Luisa Barba


Luisa  Barba Luisa Barba


Phone1: +39 040 375 7524 (Off.)

Phone2: +39 040 375 8355 (XRD-1 Beamline)


Address: Istituto di Cristallografia - C.N.R. Sede Secondaria di Trieste,

Area Science Park – Basovizza

Edificio Q1, Stanza 104A

Strada Statale 14, Km. 163.5

I-34149 Trieste – Italy





Present position :

- Researcher


Short CV :

1992: Laurea diploma in Physics, Rome University "La Sapienza".
1992-1993: Consultant at the Sincrotrone Trieste S.c.p.A, Scientific Division, Hard X - Ray Optics Group.
1993-1997: CNR grants to study advanced methodologies in structural chemistry funded by CNR (Chemistry Committee and CNR Synchrotron Light Strategic Project).
1997-2010: Contract Researcher at the Institute of Structural Chemistry "G. Giacomello"
1997-2010: Member of the XRD1 Beamline Team (GdR)
2001-2010: Researcher at the Institute of Structural Chemistry "G. Giacomello", lately Institute of Crystallography


Research Activity :

1992 - 1993: Set up of a conventional crystallographic station at the Hard X-ray Optics Laboratory of "Sincrotrone Trieste" S.c.p.A
1992 - 1999: Development of crystallographic data reduction software DARX, using the programming languages FORTRAN and Visual Basic (in collaboration with Dr. Augusto Pifferi of "G. Giacomello" institute (Montelibretti - Roma)).
1992 - 1996: Crystallographic studies of organometallic complexes of tin
1993 - 1994: Set up of the X-ray crystallography laboratory at the detached section of the CNR Institute of Structural Chemistry in Trieste.
1995 - 2010: Participation in development and management of the Experimental Station of the XRD1 Beamline at ELETTRA as a member of the research group of the Beamline. Assistance and/or participation in the experiments in synchrotron light at the Beamline. Collaborations with other research groups, both within the CNR and other institutions and research bodies. In particular, last studies encompassed

- lipid phase crystallization behavior.
- applications of the employ nanotechnology for the incorporation of drugs by lipids membrane.
- isotope effect in the FeAs-based systems superconductors.
- structural system of polymer/oligomer deposited onto self-assembled monolayer to assess crystalline quality and size.



Selected publications :

1) Calligaris, S., Arrighetti, G., Barba, L., & Nicoli, M. C. (2008). Phase transition of sunflower oil as affected by the oxidation level. JAOCS, Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society, 85(7), 591-598.
2) Scavia, G., Porzio, W., Destri, S., Barba, L., Arrighetti, G., Milita, S., et al. (2008). Effect of the silanization and annealing on the morphology of thin poly(3-hexylthiophene) (P3HT) layer on silicon oxide. Surface Science, 602(19), 3106-3115.
3) Calligaris, S., Pieve, S. D., Arrighetti, G., & Barba, L. (2010). Effect of the structure of monoglyceride-oil-water gels on aroma partition. Food Research International, 43(3), 671-677.
4) Ricci, A.,. Poccia, N, Joseph, B., Barba, L., Arrighetti, G., Ciasca, G., J. Yan, Q., McCallum, R. W., Lograsso, T. A., Zhigadlo, N. D., Karpinski, J., Bianconi, A.(2010). Structural phase transition and superlattice misfit strain of RFeAsO (R=La,Pr,Nd,Sm) Physical Review B 82, 144507+, (2010)


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