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Cinzia GianniniCinzia Giannini
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Present position :

- Researcher


Short CV :

Cinzia Giannini received her Ph.D. in Physics at Bari University in 1994. She leads the X-Ray MicroImaging Laboratory (XMI-LAB) and is in charge of the CNR institutional research activity PM.P04.011 X-ray Diffraction and Imaging for the engineering of nanostructured materials and biological tissues and for the biodiagnostics.
She has a well-established knowledge in crystallography applied to material science, nanomaterials and bionanomaterials. Her knowhow is on:
- experimental tecniques, namely on powder diffraction and high resolution diffraction, specular reflectivity and reciprocal space mapping, with conventional X-Ray sources, rotating anodes and synchrotron radiation, also with microbeams (microdiffraction), on diffraction by single object with x-ray coherent radiation and holography;
- methodology (qualitative and quantitative analysis on mixture of powders, by Rietveld and Debye techniques, aimed at the structural, microstructural and morphological analysis of materials).
About 100 publications in peer-review international journals.


Research Activity :

In the nanobulk age, which already predominates and more and more will dominate research on (bio)materials in the next 10-15 years, the benefits of nano- and biomaterials assembling to create useful macroscopic structures will be exploited. A smart material (nanostructured material or engineered tissue) no longer consist of simple nanoparticles, nanowires, or DNA strands, but rather of a complex bio-nano objects whose novel properties will depend on each of its (inorganic and biological) nano-components and their interaction. Realizing such structures strongly relies upon bottom-up approaches, through self-assembling of building blocks into macroscopic architectures. Self-assembled macroscopic architectures are hierarchical structures, characterized by a different order at different length scales. Also biological tissues as wood, bone, skin are hierarchical structures. Some of them are mineralized, forming for instance an organic/inorganic nanocomposite made of a fibrous matrix reinforced by crystalline or amorphous nanoparticles. Bones, teeth, horns, for instance, consist of a matrix of protein fibres (mainly collagen) reinforced by calcium phosphate nanocrystalline particles. The first step for in depth understanding of the function/structure relation, is a detailed structural characterization at all hierarchical levels.
The research activity aims at performing the most efficient and detailed structural, microstructural and morphological characterization platform of nanostructured materials and engineered tissues by means of using X-ray and Electron Imaging techniques, also developing original crystallographic approaches for an advanced material/tissue analysis.


Selected publications :

1. L. De Caro, E. Carlino, G. Caputo, P. D. Cozzoli & C. Giannini Electron diffractive imaging of oxygen atoms in nanocrystals at sub-angstrom resolution Nature Nanotechnology 5, 360-365 (2010)
2. D. Altamura, M. Corricelli, L. De Caro, A. Guagliardi, A. Falqui, A. Genovese, A. Y. Nikulin, M. L. Curri, M. Striccoli, & C. Giannini Structural Investigation of 3D Self-Assembled Pbs Binary Superlattices, Cryst. Growth Des., 10 (8), 3770-3774 (2010)
3. D. Baranov, A. Fiore, M. van Huis, C. Giannini, A. Falqui, U. Lafont, H. Zandbergen, M. Zanella, R. Cingolani & L. Manna, Assembly of Colloidal Semiconductor Nanorods in Solution by Depletion Attraction, Nano Letters 10, 743-749 (2010)
4. A.Guagliardi, A. Cedola, C. Giannini, M. Ladisa, A. Cervellino, A. Sorrentino, S. Lagomarsino, R. Cancedda & M. Mastrogiacomo, Debye function analysis and 2D imaging of nanoscaled engineered bone, Biomaterials 31, 8289-8298 (2010)
5. L. De Caro, F. Scattarella, C. Giannini, S. Tangaro, L. Rigon, R. Longo & R. Bellotti, Combined mixed approach algorithm for in-line phase contrast x-ray imaging, Med. Phys. 37, 3817-3827 (2010)


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