Institute of Crystallography - CNR

Beamline XRD1@Elettra

XRD1 beamline is a multipurpose X ray diffraction beamline. The beamline source is a multipole wiggler producing an intense beam in the 4-21 keV energy range where a tunable double crystal monochromator allows for a rapid selection and optimization of the anomalous scattering condition. XRD1 allows for both macromolecular and small-molecules single-crystal crystal X ray diffraction crystallographic. Furthermore, it powder diffraction, also at variable temperature and grazing-incidence diffraction measurement, are possible. A laser-based sample alignment facility together with an helium-path for low energies measurements are available for grazing-incidence condition.
• K-geometry Huber goniometer coupled with a Dectris Pilatus 2M detector (distance 90-600 mm)
• Oxfor Cryosystem 700 cryostat (temperature range 80-400 K)
• Sample changer (robotic arm) for automatic sample mounting.

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