Institute of Crystallography - CNR


Giannini Cinzia

+39 0805929167

The Director directs, coordinates and promotes the development of the institute’s activities, manages the financial and instrumental human resources assigned to the institute, exercises the power of representation of the Institution.

Administrative Secretary

Filograsso Giovanni

The administrative and accounting support functions are carried out by an internal organizational unit, called “administrative secretariat” coordinated by an administrative secretary appointed by the Director, delegated to the control of administrative-accounting regularity and to the signing of financial orders.

Institute Council

The Institute Council expresses to the Director a six-monthly opinion on the general progress of the institute’s activities, formulates proposals for the improvement of research activities, for the development of skills and programming.

Aresta Brunella Maria

(+39) 080 5929149

Barba Luisa

040 3757524

Caliandro Rocco


Capitelli Francesco


Cassano Lucrezia


Catricala’ Massimiliano

Masi Annalisa

06. 90672617

Sciacca Michele Francesco Maria

+39 0957338442

Siliqi Dritan

+39 0805929164