Institute of Crystallography - CNR

The Institute of Crystallography deals with research in the field of chemistry, physics, structural and functional biology, with studies in human and animal health, in the health of ecosystems, and in new materials with applications in energy, environment, medicine.

The Institute of Crystallography (IC) is the result of two unifications:

The first, in 2002, between the Research Institute for the Development of Crystallographic Methodologies, based in Bari, and the Institute of Structural Chemistry “Giordano Giacomello”, based in the Research Area of Rome 1, Montelibretti, which took place under the direction of Prof. Carmelo Giacovazzo.

The second, in 2019, with a part of the IBB – Institute of Biostructures and Bioimages of Catania, which took place under the direction of Dr. Michele Saviano. In recent years, the biological and pharmaceutical expertise has further expanded.

In recent years, the Institute has achieved considerable national and international visibility, which over the years has been further consolidated, thanks also to the integration of skills in the disciplinary areas of Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The thematic areas are:

• Development of innovative, theoretical, computational and experimental crystallographic methodologies, and their applications for the study of crystalline and non-crystalline matter through X-rays, electrons and neutrons.

• Development of instrumentation, methods and dedicated set-ups for experimental applications of X-ray scattering from conventional sources, synchrotron light and neutrons.

• Structural and microstructural studies of nanomaterials and biomaterials of scientific and technological interest.

• Synthesis and study of the structure-activity-function relationships of inorganic, organic, bioinorganic and pharmaceutical compounds.

• Design on molecular bases, synthesis, production, crystallization, structural and functional characterization of biomolecules, in solid or liquid phase, also in interaction with ligands and / or metals, for biotechnological and / or pharmaceutical applications.

• Studies of processes and products of biotechnological interest.

• Development of innovative biosensors and sensors.