Institute of Crystallography - CNR

Bio-crystallography preparation laboratory

Laboratory is devoted mainly to the preparation of biological samples before performing measurements through x-ray, such as diffraction from crystals (MX) or Small/ Wide Angle Scattering (SAXS, WAXS), at the instrumentations of our institute and / or synchrotron facilities.
Preparation consists of purification and, if necessary, subsequent crystallization. In addition, the laboratory is used as a support for other laboratories, both for the preparation of samples in the nano-material sector (XMIL@B) and for the crystallization of small molecules. In addition, it also carries out the activity of synthesis of materials (mainly based on phosphates) in the liquid and / or solid phase for use in the cultural heritage and biomedical sectors.

NGC Chromatography System BIORAD

NGC Quest 10 Plus Chromatography System is designed for lab-scale basic purification. The two 10 ml/min pumps provide accurate gradients for high-resolution separations for any application and the multi-wavelength detector allows performing simultaneous high-accuracy detection of proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids combined with conductivity measurements. The cinematographer is equipped by a fraction collector and three chromatographic columns (Enrich Biorad650 for analytical purpose and S70 and S200 GL columns for purification purpose).

Microscope NIKON stereo MULTIZOOM AZ100 and Digital Camera NIKON DS-Fi1

The Nikon AZ100 Multizoom microscope is a macro/micro high performance microscope system that provides capabilities that don’t currently exist with stereo zoom microscopes and compound high magnification microscopes. Key features of the AZ100 Multizoom include a wide field of view, long working distances and a high resolution capability. Capturing digital images is easy using Nikon’s NIS-Elements software and Nikon Digital Sight cameras

Spectrophotometer Nanodrop UV-Visibile

Thermo NanoDrop 2000c has a high absorbance accuracy (3% at 0.74 Abs at 350nm) and it is able to perform measurements in the wavelength range between 190 and 840nm. It works with sample volume of 1000mL (cuvette mode) or 0.5-2.0µL (drop mode), which have an absorption range of 0-1.5ABS or 0-300ABS, respectively. The spectrophotometer can be used to quantify nucleic acid, DNA/RNA, and protein. The detection limits is 2ng/µL for dsDNA and 0.10mg/mL for protein in drop mode and decreases to 0.4ng/µL and 0.01 mg/mL in cuvette mode.

Laboratory Ultra Low temperature (ULT) freezer -Haier

The Haier ULT freezer to store biological samples up to -8o°c

Water production system ultrapure Milli-Q

Milli-Q Integral 3 ultrapure water production system (Type 1). Production capacity of 70 l/day. Equipped with a TOC (total organic compound) and precision resistivity monitoring system. It contains a dispenser with Millipak Polisher cartridge (bacteria-free and particular-free).

Top-Table centrifuge MPW-351R

It is laboratory refrigerated centrifuge used for separation of samples components with different densities, to provide information about their biological state under the influence of the centrifugal force. Its construction ensures easy operation, safe work, and wide range of applications. It provides hundreds of operation programs, preselection for rotational speed, effective spinning time in minute and seconds, temperature adjustment, automatic rotor indication etc.

SDS-page MINI-PROTEAN Tetra Cell system. Biorad.

The versatile, easy-to-use Mini-PROTEAN Tetra Cell is a vertical mini gel electrophoresis system designed for fast, simple setup, facilitating rapid sample optimization, method development, and targeted protein analysis.

System for synthesis by chemical precipitation

The system includes a water bath with programmable temperature 0-100 degrees celsius to control the temperature of the process, an external Velp vane stirrer with high rotation speed (up to 2000 rpm) which serves to homogenize the mixture of reagents and reduce the concentration, temperature and pH gradients. The system is equipped with a precision peristaltic pump for taking samples or for inserting additives, and with an external nitrogen flow for reactions in an inert atmosphere, a pH-meter and a photometer. The Aqualytic AL450 multi-parameter photometer comes with 96 pre-stored and updatable methods. Optic with 6 temperature compensated LEDs with internal reference channel. Wavelength 430, 530, 560, 580, 610, 660 nm. It is used for the determination of calcium, phosphorus, and any metals present in hydroxyapatites prepared in the laboratory, such as zinc, copper, iron

Muffle Nabertherm B400

Nabertherm B400 is a programmable muffle with precise temperature control, which can reach up to 1300 °, and reaction times with the possibility of dividing the process into several independent steps and exporting the programming to a USB key. Used for solid state syntheses, favoring the diffusion processes among the reactant ions, induced by high temperatures. High temperatures are also used to increase the crystalline phase of products obtained by chemical precipitation

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