Institute of Crystallography - CNR


The Laboratory of Biology 1 is a multipurpose space fully equipped for: extraction and manipulation of nucleic acids from a wide range of plant, animal, and microbial samples; expression, extraction, purification, and characterization of recombinant proteins; extraction of photosynthetic active macromolecular assemblies; extraction of secondary metabolites with nutraceutical properties; determination of antioxidant capacity in plant extracts; ad hoc functionalization of nanomaterials.

Main equipments: Spectrophotometer Agilent 8453 plus Hewlet Packard 89090A; Static Incubator Hereaus; Sonicator Sonics Vibracell.

The laboratory is also equipped with: Refrigerated centrifuge ALC PK 121R; Thermostatic bath with shaking GFL 1083; pH meter Crison GLP 21; Heating Magnetic stirrers IKA; Sonics Vibracell Sonicator; Automatic vertical autoclave PBI; fully equipped electrophoresis systems for proteins and nucleic acids; Ultra Freezer KW Polar 530V; Spectrofluorometer Jasco FP-8200 (+Haake SC-100 thermostat); Falc Thermoblock; Microcentrifuges (ALC 4214; BioFuge Pico Hereaus); Minishaker IKS MS1; Peristaltic pump Minipulse 3 Gilson; Ice producer Hendi Microwaves Daewoo; balances; Chemical hoods Kottermann 180 (x2).

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