Institute of Crystallography - CNR

Mass Spectrometry

Two mass spectrometers are operating at the IC spectrometry laboratory in Catania:

MALDI TOF/TOF Mass Spectrometer 5800 AB SCIEX

The AB SCIEX 5800 MALDI is a mass spectrometer with TOF/Reflectron analyzer. It provide improved protein identification results for single spot analysis. The MALDI source enables deeper analysis into each sample, even if mixed with salts, and much faster acquisition. A variable rate 1000Hz laser increases the speed of each acquisition by collecting more spots per unit time. The instrument is equipped with a TOF/reflectron mass analyzer. The Time Of Flight (TOF) analyzer enables an ultra-sensitive analysis. The Reflectron mode improve the high resolution analysis. The extended mass range linear detector provides enhanced sensitivity up to m/z of 300,000. These acquisition features provide high quality MS/MS data with minimized sample consumption (ng).

High Resolution ESI-Mass Spectrometer, Q-Exactive Orbitrap Thermo

The Thermo Fischer Q-Exactive Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer is a mass spectrometer system combining quadrupole precursor ion selection with high-resolution, accurate-mass Orbitrap detection, with electrospray ion source (ESI). The system can be coupled with UHPLC UltiMate 3000 Dionex equipped with an autosampler that allow to analyze a big number of samples in a short time. Capillary and nano columns can be used to small analyte concentration. The flexible capabilities of the Q Exactive instrument allow the identification and characterization of wide spectrum of compounds, ranging from small molecules to large polymers and reaching accuracy (nanomolar), sensitivity and resolution suitable for many applications.

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