Institute of Crystallography - CNR

Spectroscopy and microalgae-based biosensors

The laboratory is dedicated to the selection and characterization of new biological recognition elements (e.g. microorganisms, proteins and synthetic macromolecules) for biosensoristic purposes by spectroscopic techniques (fluorescence, absorbance and circular dichroism). For these reasons, the laboratory provide portable equipment (potentiometers and fluorimeters) for the development of optical and electrochemical biosensors for agrifood, environmental, biomedical and cultural heritage applications. Moreover, the laboratory proposes the possibility to perform tests on biological/photosynthetic matrix (monitoring the main physiological parameters), very often cause of colonization, biofilms generation, and biodegradation of materials of recognized interest in cultural heritage (e.g. mortars, stone, paper, and wood).

Available equipments: Jasco J1100ST spectropolarimeter; Jasco FP-8200 spectrofluorometer; Jasco V730 spectrophotometer; Dropsens µstat 400 potentiostat

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