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X-ray diffractometer RINT2500 RIGAKU

The diffractometer is devoted to research and/or service activities executing measures aimed at the following purposes:

1) data collection;

2) qualitative analysis using QUALX2.0 software, developed by IC researchers;

3) structural characterization by applying the EXPO software developed by IC researchers.

X-ray diffractometer RINT2500 RIGAKU

Laboratory X-ray diffractometer using a 18kW rotating anode with copper target and a horizontal 2θ/θ goniometer (independent or coupled) with a range of measure from 4 to 145 o (in 2θ geometry).
The diffractometer is equipped with an asymmetric Johansson Ge(111) crystal on the incident beam to select the monochromatic Cu Kα 1 radiation (λ= 1.54056 Å). The diffractometer is provided with two detectors: 1) NaI scintillator counter; 2) Silicon strip D/teX Ultra detector. The measurements are executed at room temperature in Debye Scherrer geometry by introducing the sample in a Lindemann glass capillary (capillary size: 0.1mm Ø – 2.0 mm Ø), which is mounted on the axis of the diffractometer. To reduce the effect of possible preferred orientation, the capillary is rotated during measurement to improve the randomization of the orientations of the individual crystallites.

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