Institute of Crystallography - CNR

Innovative fluorohydroxyapatite – based nanomaterials for dental applications

Hydroxyapatite (HAp) îs a natural calcium phosphate, constituent of the mineral fraction of human bones and teeth. Studies achieved on its synthetic counterpart highlighted a strong biocompatibility, thus generating interests in the biomaterial field, with many possible biomedical applications. In particular, synthetic HAp results to be a promising bioceramic material for applications in orthopedics as replacing material or regrowth bone material. The possibility of many cationic and anionic replacement in the HAp framework, facilitates the realization of new products with anti-microbic properties. Elements such as fluorine increase the capacity of biomineralization during the bone formation process, while strontium prevents the osteoporosis. The present project proposes first the fabrication of nano Sr-FHAp, with increased anti-microbic properties, and after the structural and biological characterization, in order to obtain an apatite-based material for possible dental applications.

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Francesco Capitelli
IVODENT Academy - Tirana (Albania)
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