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Pathogen Readiness Platform for CERIC ERIC Upgrade

The aim of the Pathogen Readiness Platform (PRP) is the upgrade of CERIC-ERIC Research Infrastructure to an integrated digital facility for the study of pathogens, providing to scientific and industrial users the instruments for tackling emerging human, animal and vegetal pathogens of health and economic concern in order to establish enhanced preparedness and response strategies against future outbreaks. The goal will be achieved by integrating preparation facilities and state of the art complementary analytical tools and biophysical techniques to promote scientific advances in both basic and applied research in the field of life science-infectious diseases through the development of dedicated handling and manipulation strategies. The PRP will build on established platforms at the intersection of biology, biochemistry, chemistry, physics, bio-electronics, computational science and Information Technology to assemble a unique interdisciplinary network of knowledge, methodologies and instruments capable of exploring the boundaries of pathogens’ research in the fields of diagnostics, pathogenesis, drug-design and drug-screening, safety & Environment (S&H) under FAIR principles for the digital transition of science. The creation of a digital ecosystem that combines digital access, advanced data management services will further strength the state-of-the-art offer of experimental and computational methods, instruments and competences and make it appealing, not only to scientific community but to industrial world, so enabling a true industrial technology transfer that guarantee sustainability. The PRP@CERIC is fully compliant with FAIR principles for the digital transition of science and Do Not Significant Harm principle for environmental sustainability.

Bando / Avviso
Call MUR n. 3264 28/12/2021
Ente finanziatore
Unione europea- programma NextGenerationEU
Coordinatore scientifico
Alberto Cassetta
Area Science Park, Università degli studi di Salerno, Università degli studi del Salento, Università degli studi di Napoli "Federico II"
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Responsabile CNR