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An industrial oriented workflow for 3D printed, patient specific orthopedic cast

The clinical use of 3D printed patient specific orthopaedic cast is of wide interest. However, design and production have problems such as production time, which can take up to 35 h, and standardized procedure considering that there are medical devices that must comply mandatory and/or voluntary standards. Moreover, the proposed procedures do not fully consider the traceability of this innovative medical device design to comply with standards and industrial proposes. The aim of this work is to propose a semi-automatic workflow for the production of the 3D printed orthopaedic casts. The procedure is oriented towards a reduction time in different phases (as scan setting, designing technique, printing orientation) of the production flow. The workflow is compliant with recognized quality standards for the production of additive manufactured medical devices. This approach offers the possibility to introduce new 3D printed medical devices in clinical practice as well as to design an optimized industrial workflow.

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Formisano, Mario; Iuppariello, Luigi; Casaburi, Antonio; Guida, Pasquale; Clemente, Fabrizio
Authors IC CNR