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Correction to: Genovese et al. in vitro antibacterial, anti-adhesive and anti-biofilm activities of krameria lappacea (dombey) burdet & b.b. simpson root extract against methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus strains. antibiotics 2021, 10, 428

The authors would like to make the following corrections to the published paper [1]. There are mistakes in Figure 8 and its legend. In the original article, Figure 8A’ was duplicated with Figure 8D’. We have replaced Figure 8D’ with a new picture. In the first sentence of the Figure 8 legend, we inexactly indicated with the A-D letters, reported in brackets, the S. aureus ATCC 6538 adhesion to human lung A549 cells. However, Figure 8A indicates the uninfected cells (negative control). Therefore, we replaced A-D with B-D in the legend. The correct Figure 8 and its legend are as below. The authors apologize for any inconvenience caused and state that the scientific conclusions are unaffected.

Antibiotics (Basel)
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Genovese, Carlo; D'angeli, Floriana; Bellia, Francesco; Distefano, Alfio; Spampinato, Mariarita; Attanasio, Francesco; Nicolosi, Daria; Di Salvatore, Valentina; Tempera, Gianna; Furno, Debora Lo; Mannino, Giuliana; Milardo, Fabio; Volti, Giovanni Li