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Evaluation of long-lasting antibacterial properties and cytotoxic behavior of functionalized silver-nanocellulose composite

Materials possessing long-term antibacterial behavior and high cytotoxicity are of extreme interest in several applications, from biomedical devices to food packaging. Furthermore, for the safeguard of the human health and the environment, it is also stringent keeping in mind the need to gather good functional performances with the development of ecofriendly materials and processes. In this study, we propose a green fabrication method for the synthesis of silver nanoparticles supported on oxidized nanocellulose (ONCs), acting as both template and reducing agent. The complete structural and morphological characterization shows that well-dispersed and crystalline Ag nanoparticles of about 10-20 nm were obtained in the cellulose matrix. The antibacterial properties of Ag-nanocomposites (Ag-ONCs) were evaluated through specific Agar diffusion tests against E. coli bacteria, and the results clearly demonstrate that Ag-ONCs possess high long-lasting antibacterial behavior, retained up to 85% growth bacteria inhibition, even after 30 days of incubation. Finally, cell viability assays reveal that Ag-ONCs show a significant cytotoxicity in mouse embryonic fibroblasts.

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Toro R.G.; Adel A.M.; de Caro T.; Federici F.; Cerri L.; Bolli E.; Mezzi A.; Barbalinardo M.; Gentili D.; Cavallini M.; Al-Shemy M.T.; Montanari R.; Caschera D.
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