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Mixed 3D-2D Perovskite Flexible Films for the Direct Detection of 5 MeV Protons

This study reports on a novel, flexible, proton beam detector based on mixed 3D-2D perovskite films deposited by solution onto thin plastic foils. The 3D-2D mixture allows to obtain micrometer-thick and highly uniform films that constitute the detector’s active layer. The devices demonstrate excellent flexibility with stable electric transport properties down to a bending radius of 3.1 mm. The detector is characterized under a 5 MeV proton beam with fluxes in the range [4.5 × 10 – 1.4 × 10] H cm s, exhibiting a stable response to repetitive irradiation cycles with sensitivity up to (290 ± 40) nC Gymm and a limit of detection down to (72±2) µGy s. The detector radiation tolerance is also assessed up to a total of 1.7 × 10 protons impinging on the beam spot area, with a maximum variation of the detector’s response of 14%.

Advanced science (Weinheim)
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Basirico L.; Fratelli I.; Verdi M.; Ciavatti A.; Barba L.; Cesarini O.; Bais G.; Polentarutti M.; Chiari M.; Fraboni B.
Authors IC CNR