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New frontiers in microfluidics devices for miRNA analysis

miRNA detection using microfluidics-based devices is one of the most important innovations in biology and modern medicine. miRNAs are small regulatory molecules, whose varied concentrations can indicate diseases or pathologic conditions, boosting their use as reliable modern biomarkers for advanced medical diagnostics. Due to their small size and low concentration (from femtomolar to picomolar), miRNA measurement is quite challenging. Being rapid and affordable analytical devices for high-throughput quantification of miRNAs, microfluidics-based biosensors are promising. Beside the small volumes of required sample, simple handling, and manipulation of the sample, these tools enable amplification and detection of target miRNA/miRNAs in a single device, overcoming common limitations of conventional methodologies. Herein, we review the recent advancements in microfluidic devices applied for miRNA sample handling, manipulation, and measurement. We also discuss their advantages and limitations as well as future trends in this field.

TrAC. Trends in analytical chemistry (Regul. ed.)
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Khashayar P.; Al-Madhagi S.; Azimzadeh M.; Scognamiglio V.; Arduini F.
Authors IC CNR