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Search for x17 by neutron indiced reactions: A new physics beyond the standard model

We present the state-of-art activity of n_TOF Collaboration Working Group dedicated to study how to solve the puzzle about the existence of the so
called new particle X17, spotted for the first time few years ago by a team at ATOMKI in Hungary and since then never confirmed by other independent
experimental collaborations but also never refuted. An “ad hoc” detection set-up is under realization for this goal, in order to reach an angular resolution
of the two emerging trajectories from the X17 decay and an energy resolution for the invariant mass reconstruction enough to cast light in a definitive way
about this puzzle. To design the present detection setup we work in close contact with the Pisa Nuclear Theory team, that has deeply studied the implication
of X17 existence and extracted by the ATOMKI results its eventual nature, kinematics and general properties.

Journal of earth and environmental science research
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G Gervino 1 *, C Gustavino 2 , E Cisbani 3 , N Colonna 4, G Cotto 1 , M D 'Incecco 5, S Fiore 6, C Massimi 7, P Mastinu 8, A Mazzone 9 , E Musacchio- Gonzalez8 , C Petrone10 and M Viviani11
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