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Spatial Inequity in Access to Intensive Care Unit Beds at Regional Level in Italy

The high demand of hospitalization in the intensive care units (ICUs) during the first wave of the COVID-19 outbreak brought out the critical issues of the limited capacity of the regional systems to deal with high patient inflows in a short period of time. In this view, a rapid and efficient reallocation of resources is one of the main challenges to be addressed by regional systems to prevent overload and saturation. Aim of this study is to assess the spatial accessibility of ICU beds in the 20 Italian regions to capture the equity distribution of critical care services across the country. This analysis may contribute to gain a deeper understanding of the allocation of health resources. It can provide input for policy makers in view of a possible reorganization of the national system in terms of both its preparedness for emergency period and routine capability.

Studies in health technology and informatics (Online)
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Pecoraro, Fabrizio; Luzi, Daniela; Clemente, Fabrizio
Authors IC CNR