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The Automatic Solution of Macromolecular Crystal Structures via Molecular Replacement Techniques: REMO22 and Its Pipeline

A description of REMO22, a new molecular replacement program for proteins and nucleic acids, is provided. This program, as with REMO09, can use various types of prior information through appropriate conditional distribution functions. Its efficacy in model searching has been validated through several test cases involving proteins and nucleic acids. Although REMO22 can be configured with different protocols according to user directives, it has been developed primarily as an automated tool for determining the crystal structures of macromolecules. To evaluate REMO22’s utility in the current crystallographic environment, its experimental results must be compared favorably with those of the most widely used Molecular Replacement (MR) programs. To accomplish this, we chose two leading tools in the field, PHASER and MOLREP. REMO22, along with MOLREP and PHASER, were included in pipelines that contain two additional steps: phase refinement (SYNERGY) and automated model building (CAB). To evaluate the effectiveness of REMO22, SYNERGY and CAB, we conducted experimental tests on numerous macromolecular structures. The results indicate that REMO22, along with its pipeline REMO22 + SYNERGY + CAB, presents a viable alternative to currently used phasing tools.

International journal of molecular sciences (Online)
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Carrozzini, Benedetta; Cascarano, Giovanni Luca; Giacovazzo, Carmelo
Authors IC CNR