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Tabbi’ Giovanni


Copper(II) Complexes with Carnosine Conjugates of Hyaluronic Acids at Different Dipeptide Loading Percentages Behave as Multiple SOD Mimics and Stimulate Nrf2 Translocation and Antioxidant Response in In Vitro Inflammatory Model

Bellia, Francesco; Lanza, Valeria; Naletova, Irina; Tomasello, Barbara; Ciaffaglione, Valeria; Greco, Valentina; Sciuto, Sebastiano; Amico, Pietro; Inturri, Rosanna; Vaccaro, Susanna; Campagna, Tiziana; Attanasio, Francesco; Tabbi, Giovanni; Rizzarelli, Enrico

Antioxidants (2023)

A Deeper Insight in Metal Binding to the hCtr1 N-terminus Fragment: Affinity, Speciation and Binding Mode of Binuclear Cu2+ and Mononuclear Ag+ Complex Species.

Antonio Magrì, Giovanni Tabbì, Irina Naletova, Francesco Attanasio*, Giuseppe Arena and Enrico Rizzarelli

International journal of molecular sciences (Online) (2022)

Copper (II) binding properties of an octapeptide fragment from the R3 region of tau protein: A combined potentiometric, spectroscopic and mass spectrometric study

Balogh B.D.; Szakacs B.; Di Natale G.; Tabbi G.; Pappalardo G.; Sovago I.; Varnagy K.

Journal of inorganic biochemistry (2021)

Peptides derived from angiogenin regulate cellular copper uptake

Tabbi G.; Cucci L.M.; Pinzino C.; Munzone A.; Marzo T.; Pizzanelli S.; Satriano C.; Magri A.; La Mendola D.

International journal of molecular sciences (Online) (2021)