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Measurement of Spin Dynamics in a Layered Nickelate Using X-Ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy: Evidence for Intrinsic Destabilization of Incommensurate Stripes at Low Temperatures

We study the temporal stability of stripe-type spin order in a layered nickelate with x-ray photon correlation spectroscopy and observe fluctuations on timescales of tens of minutes over a wide temperature range. These fluctuations show an anomalous temperature dependence: they slow down at intermediate temperatures and speed up on both heating and cooling. This behavior appears to be directly connected with spatial correlations: stripes fluctuate slowly when stripe correlation lengths are large and become faster when spatial correlations decrease. A low-temperature decay of nickelate stripe correlations, reminiscent of what occurs in cuprates as a result of a competition between stripes and superconductivity, hence occurs via loss of both spatial and temporal correlations.

Physical review letters (Print)
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Ricci, Alessandro; Poccia, Nicola; Campi, Gaetano; Mishra, Shrawan; Mueller, Leonard; Joseph, Boby; Shi, Bo; Zozulya, Alexey; Buchholz, Marcel; Trabant, Christoph; Lee, James C. T.; Viefhaus, Jens; Goedkoop, Jeroen B.; Nugroho, Agustinus Agung; Braden, Markus; Roy, Sujoy; Sprung, Michael; Schuessler-Langeheine, Christian
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