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Nanoscale inhomogeneity of charge density waves dynamics in La2-xSrxNiO4

While stripe phases with broken rotational symmetry of charge density are known to emerge in doped strongly correlated perovskites, the dynamics and heterogeneity of spatial ordering remain elusive. Here we shed light on the temperature dependent lattice motion and the spatial nanoscale phase separation of charge density wave order in the archetypal striped phase in LaSrNiO (LSNO) perovskite using X-ray photon correlation spectroscopy (XPCS) joint with scanning micro X-ray diffraction (SµXRD). While it is known that the CDW in 1/8 doped cuprates shows a remarkable stability we report the CDW motion dynamics by XPCS in nickelates with an anomalous quantum glass regime at low temperature, T < 65 K, and the expected thermal melting at higher temperature 65 < T < 120 K. The nanoscale CDW puddles with a shorter correlation length are more mobile than CDW puddles with a longer correlation length. The direct imaging of nanoscale spatial inhomogeneity of CDW by scanning micro X-ray diffraction (SµXRD) shows a nanoscale landscape of percolating short range dynamic CDW puddles competing with large quasi-static CDW puddles giving rise to a novel form of nanoscale phase separation of the incommensurate stripes order landscape.

Scientific reports (Nature Publishing Group)
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Campi G.; Bianconi A.; Joseph B.; Mishra S.K.; Muller L.; Zozulya A.; Nugroho A.A.; Roy S.; Sprung M.; Ricci A.
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