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Structural characterization of extracellular matrix proteins

Structural characterization of extracellular matrix proteins (amino-terminal domain of alpha dystroglycan, beta dystroglycan and LG1-2 domains of agrin) and their pathological mutants.

Cloning, mutagenesis, recombinant expression of the LG1-2 domains of human agrin in a soluble form in fusion with Trx, purification by chromatographic systems, proteolytic removal of the tag and purification. Purification by chromatographic systems of the amino-terminal domain of murine alpha dystroglycan and beta dystroglycan and their pathological mutants Biophysical and structural characterization of the effect on the conformation of these extracellular matrix proteins of pathological mutations by molecular dynamics, limited proteolysis, DSF, Fluorescence, X-ray crystallography and SAXS.

Reference works

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