Institute of Crystallography - CNR

X-ray Diffraction & Reflectivity

Thin and/or polycrystalline films are studied by X-ray Diffraction and/or Reflectivity, by using a Bruker D8 Discover diffractometer in parallel beam configuration. Reflection or transmission geometry can be used to investigate the crystal structure of flat samples or powders inserted in capillaries, respectively. In the last case, the capillary is mounted on a rotation stage to ensure statistical averaging on the orientation of crystalline grains.
The reflection geometry is also used for reflectivity measurements, typically for the precise determination of thin film thickness (up to several tens of nm), and the characterization of surface structure (roughness).

Instrumentation in the X-ray Diffraction & Reflectivity Laboratory

Bruker D8 Discover in parallel beam configuration, equipped with a sealed X-ray tube (CuK target), Eulerian cradle, Goebel mirror, and a scintillation point detector.

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