Institute of Crystallography - CNR


Research is mainly focused on: i) studies of adaptation and acclimation of photochemical reactions toward biotic and abiotic stress factors; ii) unraveling the correlation between structure and functionality of pigment-protein complexes; iii) development of biological assays based on photosynthetic activity (whole cells, extracts and macromolecular assemblies) for the detection of environmental pollutants; studies on the interaction of nanomaterials and microalgae.

The laboratory is equipped to perform analyses on the efficiency of the primary photosynthetic reactions and photosynthetic yield of unicellular phototrophs and higher plants. Main technics exploited in the laboratory are based on chlorophyll a fluorescence spectroscopy and polarographic detection of oxygen production or consumption rate.

The laboratory is equipped with: Li-250A light meter with LI-190R quantum sensor (Li-Cor Biosciences, Lincoln, NB, USA) for measurement of irradiance of incident photosynthetically active radiation (400-700 nm) (portable version); Chlorolab 2 System, Clark-type oxygen electrode (Hansatech Instr. Ltd., Norfolk, UK) for measurement of respiration and photosynthesis from liquid samples under automated illumination; Fluorimeter Plant Efficiency Analyzer (PEA, Hansatech Instr. Ltd., Norfolk, UK) for measurement of chlorophyll a fluorescence induction, measurement with leaves and suspensions; FluorCam 700 MF (PSI, Spol. s.r.o., Burno, Czech Republic) for 2D measurement of chlorophyll fluorescence a induction from whole sample area, measurement with leaves

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