Institute of Crystallography - CNR

Protein expression and purification laboratory

The protein expression and purification laboratory provides highly pure protein samples suitable for structural studies.
It employs traditional and Restriction free cloning techniques to construct expression plasmids, using a wide range of bacterial expression vectors to improve protein solubility. In case of insoluble proteins, refolding protocols can be routinary optimized.
The lab specializes in parallel small-scale screening in multiple bacteria strains to optimize protein quality and in scaling-up to 10L of culture to obtain milligrams of recombinant protein, using thermostatic and refrigerated shaking incubators. Large capacity refrigerated centrifuges, a high speed refrigerated centrifuge and a Sonicator allow to obtain clear extracts. Protein purification is achieved combining multiple steps of different chromatographic techniques (AC, IEX, HIC, SEC) by a FPLC AKTA PURE 25 system. A dedicated cold room is available in case of temperature sensitive targets.

Scientific manager
Technical manager