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MENDELEEV – green revolution by Merging mEtal–orgaNic frameworks with Deep Eutectic soLvEnts for the dEVelopment of sustainable technologies and artificial nitrogen fixation

MENDELEEV Consortium assembles 3 Teams with complementary expertise, spanning organic, material chemistry, and crystallography. We aim to
synergize our expertise in order to set-up radically new foundation of (Photo)Catalytic and Synthetic Chemistry and the green production of ammonia,
based on the synergistic use of environmentally friendly media (Deep Eutectic Solvents, DESs) and Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs). MENDELEEV
will pursue the following objectives and challenges: (a) design, preparation and characterization of novel MOFs using DESs as solvents and
structure-directing agents; (b) employment of DESs for metal- and biocatalyzed processes using ad hoc functionalized MOFs with Earth-abundant
metals to reshape fundamental cross-coupling reactions with the final aim to prepare key intermediates towards the synthesis of APIs; (c) artificial
nitrogen fixation to ammonia using DES-mediated synthesis, MOFs as photocatalysts, and DESs as active reaction media.
Extended dissemination and communication activities will be performed in order to both raise the awareness on project issues among the main
stakeholders, draw the attention of the industrial world for the large exploitation potential of the project results, and bring the general public more aware
of the topics of sustainability and clean chemistry and energy.

Bando / Avviso
PRIN 2022
Ente finanziatore
Coordinatore scientifico
Vito Capriati
Università di Bari, CNR-IC, Università di Milano Bicocca
Data inizio
Data fine
Responsabile CNR
Altro personale CNR