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ALPACA: A machine Learning Platform for Affinity and selectivity profiling of CAnnabinoids receptors modulators

The development of small molecules that selectively target the cannabinoid receptor subtype 2 (CB2R) is emerging as an intriguing therapeutic strategy to treat neurodegeneration, as well as to contrast the onset and progression of cancer. In this context, in-silico tools able to predict CB2R affinity and selectivity with respect to the subtype 1 (CB1R), whose modulation is responsible for undesired psychotropic effects, are highly desirable. In this work, we developed a series of machine learning classifiers trained on high-quality bioactivity data of small molecules acting on CB2R and/or CB1R extracted from ChEMBL v30. Our classifiers showed strong predictive power in accurately determining CB2R affinity, CB1R affinity, and CB2R/CB1R selectivity. Among the built models, those obtained using random forest as algorithm proved to be the top-performing ones (AUC in validation >=0.96) and were made freely accessible through a user-friendly web platform developed ad hoc and called ALPACA ( Due to its user-friendly interface and robust predictive power, ALPACA can be a valuable tool in saving both time and resources involved in the design of selective CB2R modulators.

Computers in biology and medicine
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Delre, Pietro; Contino, Marialessandra; Alberga, Domenico; Saviano, Michele; Corriero, Nicola; Mangiatordi, Giuseppe Felice