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DRP1 Inhibition Rescues Mitochondrial Integrity and Excessive Apoptosis in CS-A Disease Cell Models

Cockayne syndrome group A (CS-A) is a rare recessive progeroid disorder characterized by sun sensitivity and neurodevelopmental abnormalities. Cells derived from CS-A patients present as pathological hallmarks excessive oxidative stress, mitochondrial fragmentation and apoptosis associated with hyperactivation of the mitochondrial fission dynamin related protein 1 (DRP1). In this study, by using human cell models we further investigated the interplay between DRP1 and CSA and we determined whether pharmacological or genetic inhibition of DRP1 affects disease progression. Both reactive oxygen and nitrogen species are in excess in CS-A cells and when the mitochondrial translocation of DRP1 is inhibited a reduction of these species is observed together with a recovery of mitochondrial integrity and a significant decrease of apoptosis. This study indicates that the CSA-driven modulation of DRP1 pathway is key to control mitochondrial homeostasis and apoptosis and suggests DRP1 as a potential target in the treatment of CS patients

International journal of molecular sciences (Online)
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Pascucci B, Spadaro F, Pietraforte D, De Nuccio C, Visentin S, Giglio P, Dogliotti E and D'Errico M.
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