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Exploring the Molecular Interactions of Symmetrical and Unsymmetrical Selenoglycosides with Human Galectin-1 and Galectin-3

Galectins (Gals) are small cytosolic proteins that bind ?-galactoside residues via their evolutionarily conserved carbohydrate recognition domain. Their dysregulation has been shown to be associated with many diseases. Consequently, targeting galectins for clinical applications has become increasingly relevant to develop tailored inhibitors selectively for one galectin. Accordingly, binding studies providing the molecular details of the interaction between galectin and inhibitor may be useful for the rational design of potent and selective antagonists. Gal-1 and Gal-3 are among the best-studied galectins, mainly for their roles in cancer progression; therefore, the molecular details of their interaction with inhibitors are demanded. This work gains more value by focusing on the interaction between Gal-1 and Gal-3 with the selenylated analogue of the Gal inhibitor thiodigalactose, characterized by a selenoglycoside bond (SeDG), and with unsymmetrical diglycosyl selenides (unsym(Se). Gal-1 and Gal-3 were produced heterologously and biophysically characterized. Interaction studies were performed by ITC, NMR spectroscopy, and MD simulation, and thermodynamic values were discussed and integrated with spectroscopic and computational results. The 3D complexes involving SeDG when interacting with Gal-1 and Gal-3 were depicted. Overall, the collected results will help identify hot spots for the design of new, better performing, and more specific Gal inhibitors.

International journal of molecular sciences (Print)
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Pirone, Luciano; Nieto-Fabregat, Ferran; Di Gaetano, Sonia; Capasso, Domenica; Russo, Rita; Traboni, Serena; Molinaro, Antonio; Iadonisi, Alfonso; Saviano, Michele; Marchetti, Roberta; Silipo, Alba; Pedone, Emilia
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