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Heat transfer of the multicolor-laser-sources-irradiated nanoparticles in reference to thermal processes

Unlike the standard materials, metallic nanoparticles offer enhancing the heat convertion rate which implies the maximum and average temperature boost significantly in the considered system. The work’s purpose is to examine heat transfer in the metallic nanoparticles which have been deposited on a glassy substrate, enabling the nanostructures thermoablation. Furthermore, the functionalized substrate is irradiated with multicolor-laser-sources, with a future perspective to develop a solar model. This is particularly crucial at improving efficiency in solar-collectors-based renewable energy sources. On the other hand, the theoretical investigations which have been previously verified for a single laser source aim to demonstrate the unsteady temperature and entropy increase in selected geometry cross-sections. The produced heat and the appropriate boundary conditions are calculated based on the advanced optics (Mie-Lorentz and Rayleigh-Drude theories) using an analytical approach. On the other hand, the temperature field and entropy production for the case study is being achieved via CFD simulations. The obtained results will be subsequently being applied in order to optimize the appropriate nanoparticle size and shape in operational work conditions.

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Radomski, Piotr; Zaccagnini, Federica; Zió?kowski, Pawe?; Petronella, Francesca; de Sio, Luciano; Mikielewicz, Dariusz
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