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Corriero Nicola


DeLA-Drug: A Deep Learning Algorithm for Automated Design of Druglike Analogues

Creanza, Teresa Maria; Lamanna, Giuseppe; Delre, Pietro; Contino, Marialessandra; Corriero, Nicola; Saviano, Michele; Mangiatordi, Giuseppe Felice; Ancona, Nicola

Journal of chemical information and modeling (2022)

Direct space approach in action: Challenging structure solution of microcrystalline materials using the EXPO software

Cuocci, Corrado and Corriero, Nicola and Dell’Aera, Marzia and Falcicchio, Aurelia and Rizzi, Rosanna and Altomare, Angela

Computational materials science (2022)

Advanced perspectives in the EXPO software for solving crystal structures from powder diffraction data

Cuocci, Corrado and Corriero, Nicola and Baldassarre, Francesco and Dell’Aera, Marzia and Falcicchio, Aurelia and Rizzi, Rosanna and Altomare, Angela

Journal of applied crystallography (Online) (2022)

Mechanism of Be-Thermodiffusion in Rutile Inclusions of Fancy Sapphires

Manuela Rossi, Roberta Biondi, Rosanna Rizzi, Nicola Corriero, Francesco Sequino, Alessandro Vergara

Crystal growth & design (Online) (2022)

Chitosan/snail slime films as multifunctional platforms for potential biomedical and cosmetic applications: physical and chemical characterization

Gubitosa, Jennifer; Rizzi, Vito; Fini, Paola; Fanelli, Fiorenza; Sibillano, Teresa; Corriero, Nicola; Cosma, Pinalysa;

Journal of Materials Chemistry B (2022)

Crystal structure determination of a lifelong biopersistent asbestos fibre using single-crystal synchrotron X-ray micro-diffraction

Giacobbe, Carlotta; Di Giuseppe, Dario; Zoboli, Alessandro; Gualtieri, Magdalena Lassinantti; Bonasoni, Paola; Moliterni, Anna; Corriero, Nicola; Altomare, Angela; Wright, Jonathan; Gualtieri, Alessandro F.

IUCrJ (2021)