Institute of Crystallography - CNR

Fibre e tessuti intelligenti ed ECOsostenibili per l’abbigliamento TECnico e l’alta moda

The ECOTEC project aims to establish a technological platform for the development of innovative formulations and industrial processes with low environmental impact. The ECOTEC technological platform will allow the industrial partner KLOPMAN, project leader, to expand its range of highly visible Personal Protective Equipment, with a strong impact on the creation of value and employment of an entire supply chain in the territories of reference.

The ECOTEC project, which aims to create a Circular Economy model, based on eco-sustainable methodologies, is divided into 6 Implementation Objectives:

1) Project coordination, valorisation and dissemination of results;

2) Development of new materials and chemical-physical methods with low environmental impact for the engineering of technical and precious fabrics;

3) Enhancement and functionalization of fibers from processing waste from the textile industry and from used clothing;

4) Implementation of optoelectronic devices on tissue;

5) Realization of Alta Moda prototypes and

6) Realization of Smart Textiles prototypes.

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PON "R&I" 2014-2020, Area specializzazione: Design, creatività e Made in Italy
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