Institute of Crystallography - CNR

New features of the RootProf program for model-free analysis of unidimensional profiles

The RootProf computer program applies multivariate model-free analysis to crystallographic data and to any x, y experimental data in general. It has been enhanced with several new features, including a graphical user interface, multithreading implementation and additional pre-processing options. The program also includes novel qualitative analysis methods, such as semiquantitative estimates derived from principal component analysis (PCA) and restrained PCA to extract the diffraction signal from active atoms. Additional quantitative analysis methods have been included, involving the combination of different datasets or the application of the standard addition method as well as tools for crystallinity analysis, kinetic analysis and extraction of free crystal cell parameters from a pair distribution function profile. The ROOT data analysis framework supports the program and can be installed on the current major platforms such as Windows, Linux and Mac OSX with detailed user documentation included. Applications of the new developments are presented and discussed in the paper, and related command files are provided as supporting information.

Journal of applied crystallography (Online)
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