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Belviso Benny Danilo


Dr. Belviso Benny Danilo got the degree in Chemistry at the University of Bari (Italy) in 2008, defending a thesis in crystallographic methods entitled “Crystallographic methods for structural solution from powder data by anomalous diffusion”. In 2012, he got the PhD in “Applied Enzymatic and Chemical Synthesis” at the University of Bari by carrying out researches regarding crystallization and structural solution of adducts between proteins involved in proteolysis processes and metal ions. His research activity has prosecuted at the Institute of Crystallography (IC) of Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), with a three-year post-doctoral fellowship from 2012 to 2015. Between 2015 and 2016, he is post-doctoral fellow at the Center for Biomolecular Science (Nottingham University) for a structural biology project related to the ADAMTS13 protein. From 2016 to 2018 he is back to IC-CNR for a post-doctoral fellowship related to a Horizon2020 project regarding the development of new materials for purification of antibody by crystallization methods. In December 2019, he becomes permanent employee as staff researcher at the IC-CNR.

He spent several periods of study and research abroad:

  • Research period founded by AIC at the Kyungpook National University, Daegu, South Korea, August 2019-October 2019, to carry out crystal structure determination of NSD proteins, guest of Prof. Eric di Luccio;
  • visiting scientist at the Kyungpook National University, Daegu, South Korea, November 19-December 7 2017, to carry out crystal structure determination of epigenetic targets, guest of Prof. Eric di Luccio.
  • Research period founded by CNR-Short term mobility program at the Membrane Protein Lab of the DIAMOND Ltd Synchrotron, Didcot, Uk, September 2013, to perform structural investigation about reaction center and molecular antennae, guest of Prof. Isabel De Moraes.

His studies concern the crystallization and structural characterization of proteins involved in epigenetic processes (NSDs), primary hemostasis (ADAMTS13), proteolysis (Thrombin), copper homeostasis (ATOX1, MNK1) in the presence of endogenous/exogenous metals, and of adducts between novel platinum based anticancer drugs and matrix metallo proteins.

He is member of the AIC and of Società Chimica Italiana (SCI) and it is part of the national teaching committee of AIC as well of the board of SCI Puglia.
He reviewed manuscripts submitted to: Crystals, Antibiotics, Catalysis, Symmetry, and Molecules.
He has been referee for the Italian Scientific Evaluation ANVUR 2015-2019.


Since from the degree period, he has worked in the field of protein crystallography and structural biology. His experience includes crystallization of soluble and membrane proteins and of adducts between proteins and heavy metals, as well as in data collection and analysis if X-ray diffraction, absorption, and scattering data from protein samples. Moreover, he is also skilled in development of composite materials including protein crystals and in the developing of new crystallization methods for protein molecules. He has participated to several X-ray diffraction, absorption, and scattering experiments at the main European Synchrotron facilities (DIAMOND, ELETTRA, ESRF, and SLS).

A workflow for the development of template-assisted membrane crystallization downstream processing for monoclonal antibody purification (15/09/2023)
Antibodies are among the best-selling biopharmaceuticals today. Their cost is significantly influenced by the purification process (from 40 to 60%). Considering the clear returns in terms of competitiveness, many pharmaceutical companies have actively engaged in finding new strategies to reduce the impact of the purification process on the final drug cost. Thanks to AMECRYS project (Horizon 2020, No. 712965), a membrane crystallization-based purification process has been developed, which can significantly reduce antibody purification costs, with a highly positive impact on the final user and the national healthcare system’s cost. The method is potentially applicable to all biopharmaceutical products and has been chosen to be featured on Nature Protocols homepage of the week from 11 to 15th September 2023.

AIC grant for young researcher (01/07/2018)
Structural investigations on new promising targets for epigenetic therapy of cancer diseases: NSD family proteins
DypB peroxidase for aflatoxin removal: New insights into the toxin degradation process

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A workflow for the development of template-assisted membrane crystallization downstream processing for monoclonal antibody purification

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Unveiling the Influence of Hydrated Deep Eutectic Solvents on the Dynamics of Water-Soluble Proteins

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New features of the RootProf program for model-free analysis of unidimensional profiles

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Structural Characterization of the Full-Length Anti-CD20 Antibody Rituximab

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Enantiomeric Separation and Molecular Modelling of Bioactive 4-Aryl-3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2(1H)-one Ester Derivatives on Teicoplanin-Based Chiral Stationary Phase

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Crystal Structure of the Human Copper Chaperone ATOX1 Bound to Zinc Ion

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Structure-based drug design of potential inhibitors of FBXW8, the substrate recognition component of Cullin-RING ligase 7

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The role of cytochrome c in the chromate reduction by Rhodobacter sphaeroides

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Structural Insights into the Vapochromic Behavior of Pt- and Pd-Based Compounds

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